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Trump and NRA Republicans made sure it he had the easiest time possible to carry out this domestic terrorist attack. Trump repealed an Obama law last year making it more difficult for the mentally ill to purchase firearms. The Trump regime reduced or eliminated law enforcement investigations into white supremacist and white nationalist domestic terrorist groups. They also fought and prevented the Obamacare expansion of mental health services. The entire NRA Republican Party Trumpcult has blood on their hands. They may as well have been the shooter. what dress to wear for second wedding

VIDEO: Shooter wearing a red Trump MAGA hat playing with a gun.

From the article:

Florida gunman says 'demon voices' told him how to pull off school shooting and police reveal they were called out 39 TIMES to his family home before his mother died last year.

Dressed in the school's colors, some held flowers while others wielded signs asking for action to fight school violence, including gun control.

Members of the crowd spontaneously started shouting 'no more guns, no more guns' at one point

Meanwhile, details are starting to emerge about the shooter, who recently was orphaned, stopped getting mental health treatment about a year ago and even had ties to a white supremacist group.

Students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School painted the picture of a weird and disturbed teen who sold knives out of a lunchbox, bragged about killing animals and was finally kicked out of school for fighting and carrying bullets in his backpack.

An FBI official also said Thursday that they were warned - not once, but twice - about the shooter. One of the warnings came in September, from a bail bondsman in Mississippi who alerted the feds about an alarming online message Cruz wrote saying he was 'going to be a professional school shooter'

Broward County Mayor Beam Furr also revealed that Cruz had been getting treatment at a mental health clinic for a while, but hadn't been back to the clinic in more than a year.

Demon voices told school gunman to attack cops called to home 39 times According to authorities, the gunman who killed 17 people inside a school in Florida told police he heard voices in his head that gave him instructions for the attack.dailymail.co.uk