wedding wears designed for apple shape ladies

My eyes have been opened this weekend. The prom dress shopping has started and I am not liking it one bit. And neither does the kid. We did find one vintage option, but was not sold on it. (Thanks, Lonna Atwood Levine for suggesting Frock Shop!). It was a pretty blush colored lace overlay from the 50's. We started off at the big formal wear store at the outlet mall on Friday afternoon. I mean, we were CLUELESS. We had no idea what size she even wore! My eyes are still burning from what I saw there. (Those that know me well, KNOW I am NO PRUDE!) One dress was made up of sparkly strips of fabric from the waist up and was $400. And yes, that was not a typo...strips of fabric. Left nothing to the imagination. I left that store wondering what kind of parents would let their daughter go ANYWHERE in these kind of dresses. I would say about 75% of the dresses we saw were completely INAPROPRIATE. And what 17 year old would actually be comfortable wearing a dress that was low cut enough that it would make even J Lo blush? And what about these poor 17 year old boys that go and get their dates and they are wearing glorified band-aids for a dress? Aren't teenage boys awkward enough? Do they need the stress of having a 3/4 naked girl as their date? If they still do flower corsages, I mean, WHERE DO THEY EVEN PIN THEM?? As for my Rosebud, she agrees with me (thankfully!) And she is going with a group of friends (no boy has been good enough to get her attention, and I like it that way) so flowers are a non-issue, but still!! So the search continues, but I think we are looking online now for vintage or vintage inspired. wedding wears designed for apple shape ladies

Why can't they just make dresses the way they used to?

50s Prom Party Dress Orange Full Dress Crinoline Slip Vintage Rockabilly Chic SM | eBay It Features a Ruched Waist with a Rose. The top layer is a Chiffon the next layer is Satin and the under-layer is a built in Crinoline slip. The Top of the dress is a Brushed Velvet. The back has a long Metal zipper for access. | eBay!