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Scene 13.

15th 9:30 pm Sooki Awakens
38 Degrees - Stormy - Redbird Circle
Susan was awake instantly. Keril had spoken to her. “Are you hungry, yet, Lover?” A quiver ran through her entire being akin to electricity. Yes, she was hungry. She was hungry for .. more sex ... and .. BLOOD! She looked at Keril and thought about how incredible he was. It seemed as if they made love for an eternity, there was blood, lots of blood. Her blood mostly, his blood, they licked at it passionately.
He was more than just Goth, he was real. And now, so was she. She felt her fangs with her tongue and smiled. She reached for him, but he stopped her. “Not me tonight ... later for me ... first you get dressed ... wear what you had on last night, it was good ... then we hunt, we feed, we party, then we sleep ... what is your name, so that I may speak it aloud in mortal company?”
Susan pulled up a torn fishnet hose to mid-thigh with the realization that she had never felt more alive before. She enjoyed being such a slut that she didn’t even know his name anymore than he knew hers. She relished that. She looked coyly at Keril, replied, “You can call me Sooki ... I didn’t like my given name before you came; now I feel reborn ... What is your name, my intimate stranger? … What do I call you?” she strapped on her calf high spiked boots and stood up, with only her fishnet hose and boots as what she wore.
“Magnificent!” He commented on his new convert. Perhaps, she really was his beloved soulmate, returned after so long. “Most mortals and slaves call me Master, a few call me Keril ... for you only, my full name is Keril Atticusavich Blavatsky … at your service.” With a deep bow, he took her hand and kissed it. “You may call me Lover, when we are alone ... when we are in front of anyone else, you may call me, Husband.” He knew as he spoke, that Sooki was his soulmate. Together, they would be almost unconquerable and would never part.
Sooki knew he was her destiny. He was beyond destiny, beyond dreamy. She took his hand, knelt in front of him, held his hand to her bosom, then her forehead and stated, “My Lord, My Husband. I dedicate myself to you forever. The world will worship you, by my hands.”
Keril lifted his hand with hers as he spoke, “ Then Arise, Sooki Blavatsky, my wife and Soulmate.”
Sooki stood and asked, “Do we get a Honeymoon? … Or a Wedding Feast? … I am Famished, yet intoxicated with power.”
“A wedding feast it is! … When you are dressed, there is a gathering of young males at a scout jamboree down at the lake ... I will show you the basics and you can feed to your heart’s content ... Remember, you are dressing to be a teenage boy’s fantasy, manifested ... and try not to take more than two at a time … bloodlust can attract so much unwanted attention.”
Sooki finished her ‘dressing’ as she slipped on a calf length coat she found, it turned out to be leather and black, she loved it as pure perfection. When she turned to face Keril, she let it fall open, exposed to his inspection. She wore nothing else underneath but black thigh-high fishnet hose, with black stiletto boots. Even Keril was stunned, “Beyond delicious … you look as if you stepped out of a dream.”
Sooki threw back her head and laughed, “Only you could have dreamed me, Lover! … Let’s go eat ... I’m famished!”
They left through the back door and quickly were at the creek side. Sooki was exhilarated by the speed of their movement. It was as if everything else had stopped in comparison. The awareness of everything around her! Keril took her hand and they raced along the creek, at unbelievable speed, until they came to a storm drain that went under Interstate 35E. He paused for a moment. “You have no fear of the dark, My Love?” he asked.
“Darling, I AM the Velvet Darkness that surrounds.” she purred and raced into the opening before him, with a laugh. He followed and they played tag until they got to the fish hatchery by the spillway.
When Keril stopped, he looked at Sooki, “Are you having fun my Precious?”
“I never in my life thought that Death could be so much fun.” Her eyes flashed with an unearthly light, in her glee. “Where is dinner?”
“We will cross the levee when we are closer ... We will follow it for awhile first ... Then dinner will be around the corner ... Want a snack to hold you for a few more minutes, or do you want to wait for dinner?” Keril glanced inquisitively at a lone fisherman at the water’s edge.
“It’s our Wedding Feast! … I don’t want to spoil my appetite. When we get back home … will you carry me across the threshold?”
“I already took you beyond the threshold of life and death ... Isn’t that enough?”
“I’m your Bride ... You have to carry me into our home to make it official.” She raced along the base of the spillway to the levee while she giggled; her leather coat billowed behind her as if a cape. He appeared next to her and smiled.
“I would carry you anywhere your heart desires.” He promptly picked her up, as if she were nothing, and raced along the levee, crossed it next to a marina. He sat her down and laughed, “Happy now?” then ran to the other side of the marina and waved at her. She raced to his side.
“I’m very happy, now ... Truly ecstatic!”
They followed the shoreline until they approached the state park, where all types of fires were aflame. Propane stoves, campfires, bonfires, they stalked around the perimeter. They found one campsite off to itself, a little further into the brush. Keril signaled Sooki to his side, she appeared soundlessly.
“Stand off from the fire and get the attention of one of them ... If he tries to tell anyone else, disappear ... if he doesn’t, focus your wildest sexual thoughts as intense energy at him … then use your will to make him want to come to you ... While he comes to you, maintain that energy, he will probably undress himself if you expose yourself from under the coat ... Kiss his lips to intensify the orgasms, they sweeten the blood and make the heart pump stronger ... I will join you from the other side, while you are feeding ... It is our wedding feast, after all ... We drain it until the heart beats no more ... Never leave them alive to tell the story ... This is our survival.” vintage tea length wedding dresses
“So, you letting me join you is special? … You don’t normally turn people into vampires, just because you bite them?”
Keril’s eyes brightened like coals, “No, that is a myth ... You are very special ... I have been waiting for you a very long time.”
“Really? … How Long? … How old are you? … How did you know that I’m who you were waiting for? … How...”
“Later, my Love ... Let us concentrate on feeding first ... And remember, you are actually being very kind to the mortals ... They are more like cattle ... The ones that you don’t take by orgasm will probably die from disease or automobile wrecks or something painful ... You are doing them a favor by granting them a last fantasy.”
Sooki smiled and soundlessly glided to the edge of the campsite. One of the boys was caught by her eyes immediately, and his face seemed to melt at her beauty. He simply stood up and walked to her, his friends didn’t even notice. She motioned for him to follow her awhile. She allowed her coat to expose bare flesh to him as they walked. When they reached the area that Keril was in, she turned to the boy and removed her coat.
The boy, an Eagle Scout, was about 13 or 14 years old, stood for a brief moment with his mouth open. She cupped her hands under her breasts to lift them and he was completely undressed in seconds. She came to him, touched his face, and then lifted his trembling hand to her breast; she helped him to fondle it. Her fangs slipped into his jugular easily enough, she noticed Keril was on the other side of him and drank deeply. The boy moaned once more, and then the heart stopped.
Sooki let go of the youth, threw back her head and laughed. “Keril, that was delicious! … Another, please!?!”
Keril responded with, “You have incredible control! … I expected the Blood Lust to set in … I was prepared to pry you off that morsel ... You are amazing.”
“I am your soulmate, my Love ... You said so yourself.” she purred, “More?”
“However many as you want ... But let’s dispose of this one first.” Keril bent and lifted the corpse effortlessly. “Follow me and I’ll show you where to take them when there is a group ... then it looks like the whole group left together ... no witnesses left ... The local police are not very bright and will forget after a week or two.”
Sooki followed closely, as Keril went to the backside of Lake Lewisville, not far from where they were already. At the edge of the water, he stepped onto a fallen tree and effortlessly tossed the body about 40 feet out into a clump of trees in the water. The water began to churn around the body and something dragged it under.
Sooki oohed at the sight. “What is it?”
“Red Bellied Piranha!” he said proudly. “I had them smuggled into the area over several years … then turned them loose out here, with the cottonmouth snakes and alligators ... The climate is almost identical with where they came from, without any natural predators ... They have increased into the thousands by now ... They were discovered back in the 90's, but they can’t get rid of them ... I use them to cover up a lot of my feedings out here at the lake.”
“Speaking of which. I’ll race you back to camp.” Sooki laughed again and took off as if the wind.
Between the two vampires, the entire campsite was cleaned out within two hours. A note stated they all ran off to create a gay boy band in California. Sooki penned it after the last one was finished off. The note was found later by the scoutmaster. After all of the parents were informed by the police, the incident was dropped to save further embarrassment to the families.