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When I was a student at Murray State, mail was a rare and much treasured item... even junk mail. One Valentine's Day, when I did the combination of my slot type mailbox, I was suprised to not find any mail but a note stating I had a package. Of course I was thinking a HUGE package since I had to go all the way to Curris Student Center to get it. So I put my winter coat, scarf, and mittens back on (yes mom finally learned how to dress for winter when I had to walk to classes in winter) and began to walk right back in the direction I came. I was just wondering who in the world would send me a package. When I got to the package pickup area, I was informed that if I wanted my packagage I had to pay for postage. Everyone who knows me and loves me best.. know I hate carrying purses and even if I do take one am usually penniless. I asked how much I owed.. thinking man it is so cold out there to go get my purse and come back, but the suspense of this package was getting the best of me. The sweet mail clerk said 16 cents. I started searhing my coat pockets and found a dime.. but then only a lifesaver covered in lint and a paper clip. But then my hero showed up Terry Brown who always walked me to my dorm had noticed I was going toward the Curris center so he paid off the rest of my debt. The clerk went back to the storeroom to return not with a huge package.. something so much better than that. I would know that handwriting anywhere.. it was Granny's. She had sent me a valentine just like the one she had always handed out to me for years.. one that had a red sucker on it. She always kept them handy in case any of the grandkids or neighborhood kids stopped by in a glass bucket. When we were broken into a few years ago, that MSU card sent and signed by her ruly was one of my most treasured item lost. I now give out heart suckers in her memory. Love and miss her more every day. sweet 16 dresses