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She rang the doorbell. A maid dressed in a navy brown uniform opened the door for her and welcomed her into the magnificent living room decorated with deep blue and cream.

” Good evening, Miss Tera. Master Mark isn’t around,he went out with his parents. ” The young lady explained to her.

” Okay then..I’ll just… ”

” Terri! ” Richie cried out and hugged her tightly after pecking her cheeks. He was a smooth fourteen year old who behaved more maturedly than his peers. He had Mark’s good-looks and he was dressed in a black tuxedo.

” Hello sweetheart, you look amazing ” Tera said to him with a wide smile.

” Its been ages..mum just got me the new play station version..come and have a look. ” The prankster said and literally dragged her up the stairs.

His room was beautiful and quite masculine with a spiderman wallpaper on the wall.

” I win! You’re looking for Mark, right? ” He asked after winning her in a god of war battle.

” Yeah..its been ages. ” She replied with a coy expression.

” He’ll soon be here..I just pinged him..he went for one of those drab balls at the Royale Hotel. Mum wanted me to tag along but I spent hours in the bathroom so they would leave without me. I’m smart right? ” He asked Tera after offering her a glass of juice.

” Yes you are ” she tugged at his cheeks briefly.

” I love your transformation. You look so hot. I just told Mark you’re here,he would practically sneak out and run home as fast as he can.” Richie rejoined with a mischievous look.


Tera was getting quite tired of waiting when he knocked at Richie’s door. He walked into her presence and said not a word. He was dressed in a dark green tuxedo with a white shirt and he wore a different hairstyle. Tera couldn’t believe her eyes,he looked like he belonged on the cover of the seventeen magazine.

” Mark! ” She yelled and rose up to hug him tightly whilst Richie looked at them with a broad smile,and winked at his brother. Mark said not a word to her and dragged her out of the house,opened the door of his Range rover Sports vehicle, and buckled her seat belt.

” What’s going on? Where are you taking me to? ” She asked after checking the time on her watch,it was a few minutes past 10pm.


He parked in front of a garden and opened the door for her to get down. It was a beautiful and serene environment. The scent of fresh,blooming flowers filled the air. A handful of lovers were making out with themselves whilst others chatted and stared at the star filled sky.

” I’m sorry for abandoning you. I shouldn’t have deleted you from my bbm and skype account.I felt quite disturbed by Nick’s words. I never stopped praying for you and your family,I just felt like giving you some space.I’m sorry for everything Mark,Please forgive me. ”

” I’ve forgiven you Terri,believe me I have.I’ve really missed you sha. What did Nick say? He told you I had feelings for you right? ” He asked with a smile on his face and she nodded in response.

” Yes I did. I was so very scared of telling you to your face..was afraid it would affect our friendship and all that.. Nick wasn’t helpful either..he suggested that I take advantage of your innocence..and when I declined he promised to play you on my behalf whenever he was provided with the opportunity. But that’s all in the past. Those feelings are long dead and buried. ” He assured her with a bright smile.

” Really? That’s good,I knew you would get over it….” She answered. They gisted endlessly for hours and had lots of fun together.


Tera cried uncontrollably the moment he zoomed off after greeting her parents and giving Christopher his christmas present.

” What’s wrong darling? ” Debbie asked the teddy bear after cleaning her tears with the back of her hands.

” I think I love him Debs…even whilst we gisted..all I could think of was wrapping my hands around him and touching his beautiful lips with mine. ” She narrated sadly.

” OMG! Really? And what did he say about the note from his diary? ”

” He said he was once into me,but not anymore. My heart feels like its breaking into a thousand pieces. He showed me pictures of several hot girls on his tablet…and they’re all asking him out. He was asking me to pick the one I liked most out of them all. ” Tears welled up in her eyes one more.

“Just calm down sweets..what is meant to be will be…”

” You think so? He wants me to go out with him tomorrow but I don’t know if I wanna. I’m afraid I would do something wrong,I can’t breathe whenever I’m staring directly into his glassy eyes ”

” Then scratch your palms whenever you feel that way. That should help you get rid of the anxiety. ”


He looked less serious than he did the previous night. He wore a pair of black trousers with a cream coloured blazer over an ash shirt. She wore a lengthy royal blue gown and a golden piece of costumed jewellery. They were on their way to Yinka’s birthday party which was supposed to hold at the Deluxe hotels, a hotel which belonged to Mark’s mother.

” My Terracotta looks beautiful ” He said to her with a smile even whilst he turned the steering wheel.

” You look amazing too… ” She replied and scratched her hand tirelessly.

They arrived at the venue twenty five minutes later. He opened the car door and held her hand whilst she got up from the car. It was a beautiful and sophisticated party,everyone was elegantly dressed. Yinka hugged her tightly and hesitated not to tease her as usual. She sat at the same table with the Luminous team members and their dates. Marilyn’s clique sat at the last table.

Luminous hit the stage a few hours later and performed their hit song “Unrequited Love.” Marilyn shouted out loud saying ” That’s my boyfriend ” when Mark grabbed the microphone.

” I’m dedicating this to my very best friend in the whole wide world…glad to have you back Tera ” He affirmed with a wide smile and performed excellently thereafter.

All the females around stared at her;some looked envious,and the others couldn’t believe she was Mark’s bestie. Tera scratched her palms once more,she felt like crying. Marilyn eyed her angrily and went to use the bathroom.

” I loved your performance ” Tera said to him with a bright smile,and he hugged her tightly.

” Should we leave now? The after party’s about to start and I don’t think you would be comfortable when it begins. ”

She didn’t want to depart from his presence,not even for a split second. “No..let’s stay..if it gets wild then we can leave..I don’t wanna go home yet.” She answered with a smile.

The party got kind of wild thereafter. But, Mark was there by her side,they made fun of people’s wacky dance moves together and laughed out loud when drunk guys did weird things. Yinka was asked to come forward for a celebratory dance and he asked his band members to come forward,Mark asked a waiter to sit by Tera’s side and keep her company when Tony dragged him to the center stage. The airwaves were filled with Skale’s ” Shake body.” Tera smiled when he stood still like a rock and hesitated to dance. A drunk dude from nowhere pulled a plug and showers fell over the luminous band members. It tasted very much like water. He asked the waitress for a glass of water to drink and unknown to him,the lady brought him a glass of Air (water flavoured alcohol) . He gulped the entire liquid down without realising that it possessed an alcoholic content. short sleeve bridesmaid dress

Tera looked on in amazement. He was dancing in public and he didn’t feel or act shy,she was surprised at how energetic he was. A few minutes later he returned to her side with blood shot eyes.

” What’s wrong with you? ” She asked him,and Tony told her he had mistakenly taken alcohol and was drunk. He called Mark’s driver to pick him up since he was too drunk to drive.


The driver arrived thirty minutes later. He assisted her in getting Mark into the car. His speech was slurred,he looked tired and sleepy. She was about to rest his head on her laps when their faces got close to one another. Mark stretched his head closer to hers and his mouth claimed hers hungrily. Tera was to stunned to move or say anything,her bottled emotions were aroused and released. Her back was rested on the car door which was locked,he wrapped his hands around her neck and kept kissing her tirelessly. He kissed her face,shoulders,neck and mouth. They hit a bump on the road and Tera landed flat on the car seat. He bent down to kiss her more passionately and said those three words,” I love you. ” Fortunately for her,her glasses were safely hidden in her bag.
For the first time in her life,Tera acted without thinking. She cared not about the driver who was listening to several songs on the airplay,or the fact that the car was in motion too.

” I love you too.” She reiterated and grabbed his tender nose with her lips. She kissed his neck and chest,after unbuttoning the upper part of his shirt. When he nibbled on her ears,Tera knew she had to stop. He mistakenly bit her lip and it bled out.

” I’m sorry..I didn’t hurt you..did I? ”

” No you didn’t. This is my stop,I have to go now. ”

” Wait..what’s your name? ” He asked and his head crashed.He fell asleep in the car immediately.

” Goodnight Ma.” The driver greeted with a knowing smile.

Tera dropped three blocks away from her house. It was a dark, moon-less night. She was guided by the security bulbs behind the houses in her estate so she hurriedly ran home,and sneaked in through the back door. She successfully tiptoed into her room,everyone was asleep except Sisi. She was doing the dishes when Tera greeted her casually and ran up to her room. Luckily for her,Debs was watching tv there.

” Tera! What happened? You look scuffled..your hair is scattered…and your lips are swollen. What happened? ” Debs asked her,Tera leaned back against the wall with dreamy eyes.

” I made out with Mark ” She replied whilst blushing.

” Ehn? Gist me. How did that happen? ”

” He was drunk after gulping down the wrong drink…we were in the car and..he kissed me..I was reluctant to respond but,he kissed my neck and shoulders…I couldn’t control myself and..he said he loves me. This is one of the happiest days of my life! ” She exclaimed and pulled off her gown with Debs’ help. Something metallic fell to the floor,it was Mark’s signature ring.

“Did I do something bad?” Tera asked her cousin who was lying next to her,she took a shower reluctantly that night. She wanted to keep smelling his perfume on her skin forever,and luckily enough,his mild scent was still on her body.

” No didn’t .. Are you sure he knew it was you? ”

” Yeah..he should have…although he asked me who I was..that must have been a prank of some sort. ”

” I guess so. Don’t forget to remind me to treat that your lip tomorrow. Let’s expect his call..a good gentleman always calls. Goodnight! ” She rubbed Tera’s head soothingly and slept off. Tera couldn’t sleep,she licked her lips countless number of times that night. Thoughts of Mark filled her head and mind.