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Me: pass twelve and what the hell are you doing? Temih: quiet na abi you be Jew? she said and continue sucking my d--k below, i look at NGO and saw her sleeping quietly, it won’t be bad if I gently s-x Temih na abI? after all that’s why am here. I shift away from NGO a little and shift Temih upward she was still rubbing my dick with her left hand, I shift her up and kiss her and then start massaging her soft b----t, she wore black gown, we were kissing gently so as not to wake NGO up, as we continue kissing I remove my right hand from b----t and move it down her pant, I smiled when I put my hand inside and realize she wasn’t putting on any pant at all, I dip my hand inside her pussi and start penetrating her, she was also stroking my d--k that is already hard and waiting for action, we remain like that for minutes till I told her to climb on top me but she refuse, she said that we will wake NGO up and that she have a better idea. she turn facing NGO and backing me, I raised her gown up and shift my d--k closer to her and then I move in from behind, the road was very soft and hot also, I enjoyed it that I enter quickly again, “awwwwww” she screamed. Temih: gently na. Me: am sorry. I started going in and out of the well gently and slowly and I was enjoying it because she’s quite tight and h---y sweeter than NGOI must say. the pleasure was too much that I didnt know when I started going in faster and faster and this time Temih didn’t complain she was even meeting my stroke self which make the noise louder, she was making little noise and then later she started screaming, I stop and shift my body closer to her and then I put my right hand on her mouth and cover it, then I start f-----g her again slowly, she bend her a-s to me so that I will go in very well, I fvck and fvck and fvck till madam wakeup, I didn’t know how but I closed my eyes enjoying the show and when I open it again I saw her sitting up and facing us with her eyes red like fire, she sat, turn and face us NGO: so this is who you are Ozila? my d--k still inside Temih pussi, don’t know what to do, even the temih still hold my hand tight. Me: NGO Temih: we are sorry. NGO:sorry for what? after all he is not my boyfriend, so you are free but am I permitted to join am cold. : me and Temih look each others in disbelieve. Temih: of course you can join. NGO: tnx. she remove her cover body and came closer, Temih got up and kiss her very well, then NGO came to me and start kissing me while Temih focus on my d--k, she suck my already hard and then remove her gown completely, she sat on my d--k backing me and then continue fvcking, NGO sat ontop my head opening her wide pussi wide for me to consume, I started licking it eating the meat like real meat meanwhile below Temih is killing me with her tight pussi, after sometime I release and NGO lick it and start sucking my d--k again, within minutes my d--k Don stand gan like Aso rock, she took me up over to the table, she lay on the table facing ceiling and opening her leg wide while I spit on her pussi and use hand to rub it before inserting my d--k again, Temih went to the top of the table and started kissing her, sucking her boobs also. the sound coming out from our t----t is like a pistle gun. “kpa kpa kpa kpa” as if na mosquito we they kill.. I fvck her on the table for minutes till I tire and then I sat on the chair, she climb me and start moving up and down while temih climb the table and start masturbating. she fvck so well and even me grab her boobs and start sucking but I can’t concentrate because the rate at which she move is like a madcow1. I came later on and I thank God but I didn’t know they are just starting. as I release I was so weak that I went to put the fan on the highest speed, I walk to their fridge naked and saw apple, I took it to the bed and start eating while they buckle up, NGO went to cupboard and brought something, she took water and gave to me. Me: what’s that? NGO: man power I don die sexy evening gowns