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A Night To Remember

Chapter 31: Finale

? Ashley ?

I went to the central park after my conversation with Alexa. I needed time to think.

I had felt so jealous when she showed me those pictures but kept a bland expression, didn't want to give her the satisfaction that she succeeded in getting to me.

Why didn't he tell me about her? Does he still have feelings for her? Is that the main reason he's never told me he loves me?

I cleaned the tears from my eyes as I watched a couple playing with their baby, will I ever have that?

All this thoughts kept coming as tears fell from my eyes. A petite lady approached me" Miss are you okay?"

I nodded sniffing"Yeah"

"Why are you crying? Did you have a fight with your husband?"

When I didn't answer she continued" Men are like that dear, they don't usually think before they react.

It's our duty as the wife to help them realise what they're doing is wrong, to get them to open up and talk to us.

So don't make hasty decision that you might regret tommorow, I'm speaking from experience"
I nodded and thanked her. Then got up and was about going home when I saw Zayn standing few feet away from me.

We stood there staring at ourselves for a few minutes before he rushed to hug me
I held him like my life depended on it
"Don't scare me like that again" he said

"Do you love her?" I searched his face, he looked perplexed

"No... Is that what this is about?" He held my face in his palms, looking into my eyes" I never loved her Ashley, it's you I love"

" Huh? " I asked sniffing

He smiled" I love you Ashley, and I promise to never cheat on you,so never doubt me okay? "

" Zayn... I love you too, and I never doubted you, I'm sorry if I made it seem that way"
He smiled and kissed me.....

Tomorrow is actually my wedding day and I've not seen Zayn in two days.

Hailey asked him to go to one of his mansion, according to her, she said and I quote"Don't you know it's an omen to see your bride to be before the wedding?" She questioned Zayn who refused to leave the house. petite bridesmaid dresses

" Mom, i don't believe in those superstitions of yours, I can see Ashley a day before our wedding and our marriage would go on fine"

But you guys know Hailey, she threw a fit and started crying "What have I done to you son? Is it a Sin to ask something of you?
Even if you don't believe in such,can't you do it for me, hmm?"

Zayn sighed " Fine I'll go but can't I stay for today?"

" No!!"

" Okay I'm going" He murmured something under his breath before coming to me. "You gonna be okay by yourself?"
I shook my head " No"

" Good, I won't be the only one. I'll miss you" he kissed me, hot and hard in a way that left me wanting more

"I'll miss you more" I breathed as he pulled back.

"Enough lovebirds, you'll have her all to yourself on your wedding night" Hailey said pushing Zayn out.

I blushed totally forgotten she's there.

A knock snapped me out of my thoughts, Hailey walked in
"You're still up? Do you want to have dark cycle and swollen eyes on your wedding?
Anyways, I came to give you This"
She brought out a silver necklace "Here, I want you to have this. Its a family heirloom"
" It's beautiful" I said touching it " Thank you"
She smiled and got up " Alright I'll leave you to your sleep now, good night dear"she said kissing my forehead.

Next day......
I woke up and went to the kitchen
"Oh good you're up" Tyler said "Let's get you fed and ready before Zayn cutoffs my ear, he won't let me be"

He dished my food. After eating he asked me to go take my bath.

After shower, Hailey helped me with the dress and then Tyler walked in to do my makeup. He's actually my bridesmaid since Helen would be Kira's.

He wore a pink Suit, put on a light makeup and he even painted his nails
"Wow Tyler, you dressed up real good" I said
He blushed" Oh please, you don't expect me to look bad on my besties wedding right? I might actually meet a hottie you know?"

I shook my head " Come do my makeup, I can't wait to see Zayn"
He smiled and got to work, once he was done,I asked him to help me with the necklace Hailey gave me and then I'm set and ready to go.

A knock came to the door and Tyler opened it. He left the room when he saw Robert.

" Wow you look beautiful as always dear"

"Thank you sir"

"I just wanted to thank you for accepting my Son despite everything he did, you're the best thing that has ever happened to him, take care of him for me okay?"

I smiled " I will" I said nearly crying, you could tell he adores his son.

"Oh no don't cry, Tyler would deal with me if you ruin his hard work"

I laughed " That's more like it, let me not waste your time, do take care of my grandchild" He said and then he's gone.
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☘️ ☘️ Zayn ☘️ ☘️
I stood on the alter with Richie as my Best man anxiously waiting for her to come.
"Come on bro chill, she'll soon be here"

"Don't worry, when you find your bride and you stand where I am today, you'll know how I'm feeling right now"

He laughed " That'll never happen, I'm never getting married"

I was about to reply when she walked in, the music started playing and everyone got up.

Gosh, she looks like an angel. I'm sure my jaw are wide open staring at her. I held her gaze as she walked majestically to the alter with Tyler by her side.

He took her hand when they got to the alter and place it in my awaiting one then went to stand in his place as a bridesmaid.

I took her hands, once we were in place the priest started talking but I wasn't listening to anything.
"You look beautiful wifey"

She blushed "We're not married yet"

" Ohh?" I kissed her softly enjoying her taste when someone cleared his throat

We both turned to see the priest " It's not time for that yet" the crowed laughed

He started talking again but my attention was on her " I really missed you, it was torture without you"

She smiled " Me too, let's not do that again..."

Richie cleared his throat again and we noticed everywhere quiet, I realized that the priest said something and we're supposed to reply but I didn't hear him.

"Sorry, did you say something?" Everyone bursted laughing including Ashley.

The priest looked frustrated " I said would you take As....."

"I do and she do" I said cutting him off
Then I proceeded in kissing her...
"Umm ..... ring" Tyler murmured
I pulled back "Oh sorry" the priest huffed, as I took the ring and put it on her finger, she did the same to me.

The crowed laughed and clapped
"Well you've already kissed her" he said before going to Damon to wed them.

But you know me , I kissed her again before saying"Now you're officially Mrs Miller"
She laughed " And I love you too Zayn"

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Written by
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