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Five years later, i was dressed in a white pair of trouser, a pink camisole, a white blazer, a white bag, and a pink sandals. I was in a hurry to meet up with my supervisor when i bumped into a young man on my way inside his office, i hastily apologised and entered inside my supervisor’s office.
Two days later, i got a knock on my door and thought Deborah has forgotten something behind in our rented apartment, and i opened without asking who it was.
“Wow, hi. Goodmorning madam” a gentle yet harsh masculine voice greeted me with a smile.
“Morning to you to sir. Please how may i help you?” i inquired from the young man.
“Erm….my name is Nelson. The guy you bumped into the other day” He answered me with such confidence that made me despised him.
“Oh, so you are? Hope none of your bones are broken?” i inquired.
“Nah, am okay” he answered with a smile.
“Good. Now mister man, i remembered i apologised the other day. But what i don’t and can’t remember is giving you my address. So you have got sixty seconds to tell me why you are here” i said politely.
“Whoa, well miss Gloria. I came as a man in need of your friendship. You see, the way we met was brief, we didn’t have the time to get to know each other well….” i interrupted him with my hand.
“Did you just call me by my name? I don’t have the time to ask you how you got to know me but please am not interested in your friendship” i said and barged the door on him. I knew what i did was wrong but i have a sort of hatred for the opposite s-x and so i can’t stand them except Nicholas. As i led on the bed i heard a knock again and i got up furious and ready to pour my venom on the person behind the door.
“Who is there? Didn’t i tell you am not interested?” i said angrily thinking it was Nelson as i opened the door.
“Hey babe, sup? Who are you not interested in? Why that frown?” Deborah questioned me as she sat on the bed.
“I don’t know what is wrong with men. Can you imagine, just because i mistakenly bumped into one guy like dat some days back he thinks am now cheap” i answered her.
“Cheap, how?” she asked.
“I don’t know this guy before now, i never told him anything about me, but he came here few minutes ago telling me he wants us to be friends. Imagine that rubbish” i said.
“Hahahaha here, have this. He said i should give you this” she handed a small gift bag to me.
“See Glory, life is not like that na. You have to take life easy. I don’t like the way you keep turning down men, abi you wan marry yourself?” she asked.
“I would marry a man at the right time mrs i too know. What is inside?” i peeped into the bag. “And how did you get the gift? Wait, i hope you weren’t the one that gave him my info?” i asked her
“Hahahaha no na, you know i can’t do such a thing. You are still my brother’s wife and i made a promise to look after you for him. Truth be told, that Nelson guy is handsome o. I met him outside the door, he gave me that bag for you after introducing himself” Deborah said.
“Let him be handsome for you. And let this be the last time you would ever call Nicholas name in my matter” i warned.
“Talk about the devil. It’s your hubby. Here have it. Get the message for me, i need to attend to nature’s call” she chuckled as she handed the phone to me before entering the bathroom leaving me to stare at the phone for some seconds.
“Glory, pick the d--n phone its not a toy” she shouted from the bathroom.
“Hello, this is Gloria, Nicholas. It’s not Ronke. I am fine…..she’s fine too, school is fine. Yes..that’s true, no i don’t think that would be possible Nicholas. If not for Ronke who went to the bathroom, i wouldn’t have spoken to you. Yes….please get a lady and settle down with her, i have a boyfriend and he is planning to wed me soon. Okay….i would do just that, you too have a nice day” I said as the line disconnected and laid on my bed talking to myself modest mother of the bride dresses
“Why am i treating the only man i loved this way? Why am i always scared about making my feelings known to him?” i questioned myself and sighed.
“Hey babe, what did big bro say?” Deborah came out few minutes later wiping her face with a towel.
“Look, don’t try that again, the next time you do, i would just walk out” i retorted.
“Am sorry na. I was between life and death na” she said.
“Okay, he said he would be boarding a flirt to Naija in two hour’s time” I replied her.
“Wowwww…..Lara, Lara your lovey is finally coming to Naija. And there’s going to welcome party” she said happily. I frowned but deep down inside i was happy.
Two years later, i sat with my family watching my favourite family tv show.
“Omolara, now that you are through with service. When do we meet your fiance?” my mum asked.
“Ahn an, mum atleast let me settle down into the society first. God would provide me a soulmate at the appointed time” i answered.
“Dear, please leave her alone. She should atleast get a place to work first. Ehen, Lara get ready you would be starting work tomorrow at the Omonaiyes company. Mr Omonaiye said he wants you to resume work same day with Ronke and that’s tomorrow so you would take your CV with you.” my dad said.
“Okay dad” i said
After, dinner that evening i called Deborah and we decided our outfit for the next day.