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she speaks out on behalf of every girls!!! Bravo ?? sis.

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So, I have thought about a thousand and one times if I should post this video up or not. I never ever ever make videos or even try to be social because I barely talk at all, but this needed to be said by an INDIAN GIRL. It's a controverisial topic and I know NOT a lot of people will like to talk about this. But I thought I should. I have experienced this almost ALL my life and I have suffered from sexual harrasment from random a**holes who think its okay to do it to girls because they are 'weak' & defenseless or dress the way they want and I AM SICK OF IT!! Now I see so many young girls going through it and they suffer in silence and afraid to speak up. I have thought about this alot and genuinely wish to help other victims and be brave enough and be ready to face judgement from close minded keyboard warriors. It is a LONG LONG video. It's almost 16 and a half minutes. I tried to keep it short but I couldn't, because I had too much to say about this horrendous topic. If I have even helped ONE girl come out and be strong after this video than my job is done. If you are not interested than scroll past, cos I know its too long for anyone to watch it till the end and most people won't care. But if you do care a little then watch it by all means. I know there will be a lot of close minded people who might not agree with me but hey.... I DON'T CARE. I am sharing my story because I don't want other girls to suffer in silence! maxi evening gowns # MeToo # TimesUp