long sleeves lace dresses

Jean shorts size 10(SOLD),athletic shorts 10/12
Second pic. Long sleeve-t's light material size 12 and t-shirt 10/12.
Third pic. green flower print 10/12, royal blue long sleeve 10/12(SOLD), burgundy flower print 14, wine color stripped 14. Fourth pic. Size 14, fifth pic. Size 14
Sixth pic. Size 10/12
Seventh pic. Jumper navy blue with flowers size 10, plad skirt with jacket and tank size 10/12(SOLD), long skirt sky blue tool on outside and sequence under size 10/12, sea green dress tool outside with jem belt size 12(SOLD), white lace dress size 10. $5 a piece. Pick up in fennimore. long sleeves lace dresses

+5 $100 ยท Fennimore, WI Girls spring/ summer clothes