items to wear in cocktail which is made by designer

A Lady has a man who cares enough to take care of all her needs.. .satisfy her
emotionally and how she repay this gentleman is to sleep with his friend.. .why?!
Together they struggled and initially had nothing.. . The relationship was no doubt
a broke one .. .she sold most of her valuable jewelry and Gold chains.. . Even stole
for him just to secure him a visa and at last he got the visa, went out of the
country, only to return with another lady.. .why?!
No sex till after marriage that's what Tunji and Berry agreed coz she was a
virgin.. . Through the university all they do is press & touch each other no Arrrh items to wear in cocktail which is made by designer
shoki.. . It was a no sex relationship.. . They loved each other pretty much and he
was ready to wait for her.. . They got to their final year, graduated and was posted
to different states for their NYSC only for her to be f*cking somebody daily now
and she forgot all about how Tunji waited for her to be ready.. .why?!
You know she's ya friend's boyfriend and yet you dressed sexy and enticing .. .one
could even see ya tits from ya dress.. .you went bra_less to his apartment, in the
name of looking for ya friend there, when you know she'll not be there.. .the
temptation was damn Hot and he gave in.. .slept with you and now unknowing to
ya friend, you girls share thesame guy now and she is ya friend o .. .you smile to
her as if nothing is wrong anywhere.. .why?!
She's moved on but she still has feelings for you.. . Coz you where the one who
deflowered her and since you know, even though you were the one who broke her
heart.. . You say some lame lines and apologized that you were sorry.. .she
accepted you back and after you slept and f*cked her some more time.. . You
re_break her heart again.. . She's helplessly in love and you just use and dumb her
as you wish.. Somebody's future mum fa.. .why?!
"Dayo always use rubber".. .but you'll say am smarter and besides very careful.. .
I want it skin to skin.. .you tell her withdrawal method is the best and if she loves
you, that she'll have to comply.. .of coz she agrees and on countless number of
times, you got her pregnant, asked her to do abortion which she did.. .its time to
marry and now you went to marry someone else.. . Were do you expect her to
start from ehn.. .why?!
Hmmmm ... No wonder Brick&Lace sang "Love is wicked"
LOVE is wicked oo.. .
cc: telemony