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my poetry and short story page, I like this one :) think I could turn it into a book what does everyone think?

Samuel Johnston 35 mins ·

So a bit of a story, I'm really excited to post more I feel like this could be a good one. It's a tad of a romance, I know "eeeeewww romance" right? But I like it, it has been birthed from my brain canal and it's my mind child, enjoy;

Chapter 1

The great Florentine Howls

A man sits, dressed in a heavy gown. Various symbols cover it, some might consider it religious though he feels as if he belongs to no creed, no man, no gods among masters, no honour among thieves. He sat there, on a Friday, staring out his balcony window, as he waited for his friend to return. The crow arrived. “What news doth my feathered friend bring?” He asked, of course it was a rhetorical question, yet the crow answered him with a caw, he softly stroked the crows feathers, and he knew right away that it was bad, without even looking, he was disheartened. He opened the letter attached to its leg, and stained with tears and strong perfume, it read as such. He heard her sweet voice echo inside his head, this was the most agonizing thing a man could ever experience “My dearest Alianzo, I must take my leave. I cannot belong here any longer. The Carthaginian encroach ever more. We will only revel in their destruction, that is something I do not wish to bear witness too. They are only human, they obey their masters, slaves to the crown, fodder for the cannon. I cannot bear to see themselves in their own sacrifice, for a god that does not care, for a master that sees them as nothing less than worthless. They do not deserve the blade, they do not deserve the destruction you would impose upon them. You see yourself as a righteous warrior, as someone who would save the world, tell me. Where I truly evil, would you raise a sword to me? Had you known I was the devil herself, would you dare to drive a stake into my heart? I thought not. These people do not deserve a death at your hands, they do not deserve death at all. They are human, I have forgiven many of your sins but I know that you would do anything to save me, even if that meant slaughtering a hundred men. But I cannot bear your guilt on my shoulders any longer. What am I to be? The wife of a petty thief? Or of a murderer, or even both? I cannot live with you stealing jewels, let alone taking another man's life. I must leave, for my safety and yours. I must not see you again, I cannot think of what you might become, what you will become. Your rage will take hold, I cannot allow myself to become part of your brutality. I am forever sorry that I ever loved you, yours sincerely, Eizel. detachable train wedding dress

Upon reading this, it was the most massive conflict with himself he had ever had. How dare she! HOW DARE SHE!!! How could she not love him! Was she so insolent, so blind! So wilfully ignorant of everything he had sacrificed! For the last five years, He had given nothing but his undivided attention, and this is how she repays him?!?!

He flew into an uncontrollable rage, breaking almost everything in his house. The home he built, his own bones. Everything he had ever said or done was for her, and now, as his soul lay in ruin, so too must the house he built for them, and his child which was yet to be born. Everything must be broken. “She deserves nothing!” “Not my forgiveness, not my material possessions, nothing!!!” Sure he had stolen, but everything he had stolen was for her, everything he did was for her. Every fibre of his being existed only to make her happy, her every whim come true. AND THIS, THIS IS WHAT SHE CHOOSES!!. He stared at the messenger bird, right in the eye, and thought about punching it right in its face. He could have slaughtered it right then and there, and who wouldn't? A bringer of bad news sure, but to bring him the news of this, the most horrid betrayal. To think, not only his best friend, but his only friend and only lover, would have left him as such. It was truly unbearable. He stared the crow down for a while, then realized, his anger had clouded his mind. The crow was visibly distressed. “Look, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to fly of the handle like that. It's not exactly your fault is it?” He stretched his arm out and let the crow come to him as anyone good with animals does. The crow approached and brushed against his hand, and felt his warm fingers stroke his head softly. “I'm sorry I got so angry, you know, volucribus, you are truly the only one I can depend on.” The man smiled and volucribus let out a content crowing sound.

“Open up!” A loud banging descended upon the door. “We know you're in there by the pope open the door or we will force entry!!” The banging increased exponentially. They would break the door down within seconds, there was only one choice, He grabbed whatever would fit in his small backpack, as he was searching for things to take with him there were 2 things which he question himself on why he would take them, 2 things that to anyone else meant absolutely nothing but to himself meant everything. These two things, he hated himself for ever caring about. He wished he could throw them, he wished he could forget them. He could not, holding no monetary value they only weighed him down, but he could not leave them. In the last second, before the guards broke down the door to his humble abode. He stowed away 2 things, one was the letter that Eizel had sent, the other, a picture of her, almost torn to scraps in a rage but her face was still visible. He cursed himself for carrying such useless things, “Only take what you need! ONLY TAKE WHAT YOU NEED.” He repeated to himself as he grabbed a flayed whip off the counter and continuously struck his back in repentance for his ignorance. They were about to break the door, the only way out was not a favourable one but it was not like he had a choice. And down the hatch into the sewers he went, locking the trap door behind him.