classic styled items to wear of the wedding

Love this share!! She started Thrive as a favor! Check out Danna’s experience:

My name is Danna Ziegler and this is my Thrive Experience.

Just over 3 years ago I received a phone call from my cousin telling me about Thrive. She generously sent my husband and I a trial pack of the 3 simple steps because I agreed to see what it was about, but I said yes more as a favor to her, not because I thought I needed Thrive.

I’m from Post Falls, Idaho. Three years ago I was 35, was married to Nathan, and we had 4 kids. I loved my gym time and staying active. Fast forward 3 years, and the only thing that’s changed is my age….yet EVERYTHING has changed!

I didn’t think I needed Thrive because I was already healthy and active. I didn’t know if Thrive would be a good fit for us because my husband didn’t even want to wear a “sticker.” We were already taking what we had researched to be the BEST nutritional supplements. Despite being very skeptical, I had an open mind and was willing to give it a try.

Two capsules right when I woke-up, a quick gut-health Lifestyle Mix 20 minutes later, and then a transdermal DFT to wear for the day…and done?! It all seemed too easy to work.

Honestly, I didn’t notice much of any changes for the first few days, but I was busy doing my research. I was impressed with everything I was finding- from the nutrient sourcing to the history of the company itself, which prompted me to keep taking the 3 little steps each morning.

By the end of Day 5, a light-bulb came on. We were at the table eating dinner, which was loud and chaotic (as normal) and I realized the noises weren’t bothering me, AND I was tasting my food! I felt calm…even happy. I love my kids, but I am one of “those people” who like order and peace, and life with 4 young kids doesn’t offer that all too often. Somehow the little stuff didn’t get under my skin, and I enjoyed participating in the fun songs and multiple conversations happening at once. In all my past experience, I had never known a vitamin or supplement or eating plan that made me feel this way. classic styled items to wear of the wedding

I convinced my husband I needed to keep going for 30 more days…which was a real leap of faith at that time in our finances.

Life was a whirlwind after that point. I started sharing what Thrive was about and what I was feeling, and friends wanted to try it for themselves too. I achieved Le-Vel’s generous VIP 1600 in those first 2 weeks. Five and a half weeks later I had earned an auto bonus, and then just a few months after that my husband and I were sent on the most amazing Lifestyle Getaway vacation…which was like a honeymoon we never had. We were grateful, overwhelmed and even shocked that this was actually happening!

When I said at the beginning that everything changed, but by the outside, all looked the same, I am referring to the transformation my mind went through. I had dreams inside I had given up on. Going on tropical vacations and having a extra money in our bank account was just the start. Playing a role in other people’s success stories to this magnitude has been a dream come true! I’ve always wanted to inspire others to not give up and believe in themselves in a FULL-TIME setting.

There were also my own personal goals that were re-awakened. We have had a THRIVING 3 years! I have competed in 2 bodybuilding shows; I launched my website as a Holistic Life coach focusing on breakthrough mindsets; My husband and I celebrated 15 years of being married and I was able to wear my wedding dress; We have been able to take our kids on trips and activities that are full of laughter and REAL smiles; My husband and I workout together on a daily basis; I get to talk about how God answered my prayers in the most unexpected way. Best of all, my kids get to know me as a more silly, fun-loving mom!